Which Instrument Is Used For Measuring Rain?

How the rain is measured?

The standard instrument for the measurement of rainfall is the 203mm (8 inch) rain gauge.

This is essentially a circular funnel with a diameter of 203mm which collects the rain into a graduated and calibrated cylinder.

The measuring cylinder can record up to 25mm of precipitation..

What a rain gauge is used for?

1.3 Rain gauge. A rain gauge is a meteorological instrument to measure the precipitating rain in a given amount of time per unit area. The instrument consists of a collection container which is placed in an open area.

Why rain is measured in cm?

Intensity of rainfall is the rate at which it falls at any one time. It is expressed as cm per hour or mm per hour. Rainfall is measured by means of rain gauges. … The rainfall collected in the bottle is measured with the help of a graduated measuring cylinder furnished with each rain gauge.

What is called rain gauge?

A rain gauge (also known as an udometer, pluviometer, or an ombrometer) is an instrument used by meteorologists and hydrologists to gather and measure the amount of liquid precipitation over an area in a predefined period of time.

What are the different types of rain gauges?

The three major types of rain gauges are the standard gauge, tipping bucket gauge and weighing gauge.

Which instrument is used to measure sunshine?

Sunshine is measured using either Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorders or modern sunshine sensors. A pyranometer is used for measuring global radiation.

Can you use a bucket as a rain gauge?

Rain and drizzle are the easiest forms of precipitation to measure. Rain gauges are used to measure liquid water depth and can be as simple as an open bucket with a consistent cross section throughout. Meteorologists however, use more accurate instruments and slightly more sophisticated gauges to measure rainfall.

What does 1mm of rain look like?

1mm rainfall means every one square meter area is filled with the water of height 1mm. So 1mm rain means 1000mm length × 1000mm breath × 1mm height = 1litre of water.

Which instrument is used to measure the rainfall?

Instruments for measuring precipitation include rain gauges and snow gauges, and various types are manufactured according to the purpose at hand. Rain gauges are discussed in this chapter.

Where should I put my rain gauge?

In open areas place the gauge top approx. 2 feet off the ground. In developed areas place the gauge top approx. 5 feet off the ground.

How is rain fall calculation?

Here’s what you’ll need to do:Measure the diameter of the bucket at the level of the rain. … Measure the diameter of the bucket at the bottom in the same way.Calculate the average of the two diameters.Divide by two to find the average radius.Find the average volume of rain = Depth x radius x radius x 3.14.More items…

What does 10mm of rain mean?

10 mm rainfall means that if rainfall fell on a flat land surface , with no slope ,no evaporation, and no percolation of water I.e. water does not go underground, then the amount of rainfall would be 10 mm measured from the ground. Now this is practically not possible ,so ideally rain gauge is used to measure rainfall.

What is recording type rain gauge?

An instrument that automatically records the amount of precipitation collected as a function of time. The most common types, according to their principle of operation, are 1) tipping-bucket rain gauge, 2) weighing rain gauge, 3) capacitance rain gauge, and 4) optical rain gauge.

How do I choose a rain gauge?

When choosing the rain gauge, check the collection capacity and also the decorative accents you’d like to add to your property. Among all rain gauges available on the market, these are the most inexpensive. They are also easy to read and easy to use.

What is the most accurate rain gauge?

Stratus Precision Rain GaugeWhen it comes to the best rain gauge for you, three are superior for very different reasons. Our top choice is the Stratus Precision Rain Gauge. It is the most precise, very easy to use, exceptionally durable, and quite affordable. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for electronic versatility, we recommend the AcuRite 00899.