Quick Answer: What Kind Of Oil Does A Porsche 911 997 Take?

How do you check the oil on a Porsche 997?

Initiating oil level measurement Switch ignition on (do not start the engine).

The engine-oil level measurement display appears in the on-board computer.

Allow waiting time to elapse.

Once the measurement has been completed, you can read off the engine oil level on the segment display..

How much is an oil change for a Porsche 911?

Quick answer. A Porsche oil change costs between $300 to $400 at a Porsche dealership. Expect an independent mechanic to charge you around $200 to $250.

How often does a Porsche need an oil change?

every 10,000 milesPorsche recommends that vehicles receive oil changes every 10,000 miles, or roughly once a year.

How do you check the oil on a Porsche Boxster?

How do I check the oil level on my 986 Boxster?Switch on ignition (do not start engine). … The oil level on the segment display can be read off after the measurement is completed. … Push the on-board computer operating lever forwards.Using the operating lever, select the OIL menu item. … During refuelling, the oil level is measured in the background.More items…

What engine oil does Porsche use?

Mobil 1Mobil 1 – The engine oil for your Porsche That’s how we know Mobil 1 is the optimum oil for Porsche engines, on the track and on the road. As Porsche’s global oil co-operation partner, Mobil 1 provides the oil for our racing engines and our standard models.

Why are old Porsche 911 so expensive?

The reason people are asking $220,000 for a 1998 and 1989 Porsche 911 Turbo is because they are high on methamphetamines. … People are seeing 1960s and 1970s Porsche 911 prices going up, and up, and up, and so they’ve decided to ask huge money for their 2000 911 Cabriolet with Tiptronic.

Which is better Porsche or Mercedes?

Not only does the Porsche have a more livable interior, it has a smoother ride than the Mercedes (assuming you use the recommended “comfort” tire pressures for light-load sub-165-mph driving). It also makes a clean sweep of the performance tests, delivers better fuel economy, and costs less.

What car has most expensive oil change?

VeyronThe embodiment of excess, the Veyron is more than just a $1.5 million supercar that once held the title as the world’s fastest production car. Everything about it is expensive, right down to the oil change, which can ring you up a staggering $21,000.

How much oil does a Porsche 911 take?

16 QuartsOil Drain Pan, 16 Quarts Capacity. Long Neck Fluid Funnel.

How do you change the oil on a Porsche 911 Turbo?

Step-by-Step Instructions:Step 1: Prepare your vehicle and work area. … Step 3: Gain access to the engine oil filter. … Step 4: Drain the engine oil. … Step 5: Replace the engine oil filter. … Step 6: Re-install the oil drain plug. … Step 7: Add new engine oil. … Step 8: Reinstall everything.More items…

What oil does a Porsche 996 take?

Developed as a 5W-50 oil for 996 and 986 models. Tested under laboratory conditions and in the field.

What is the best oil for Porsche Cayenne?

Mobil 1Mobil 1™ – Porsche’s recommended oil.

How many quarts of oil does a Porsche Cayenne take?

6 QuartsOil Drain Pan, 6 Quarts Capacity. Long Neck Fluid Funnel.

How much oil does a Porsche 997 take?

Your 997.1 should take about 9 quarts of oil, but keep in mind you already added some in the filter housing, and some of the old oil may not have drained entirely.

Is a Porsche 911 expensive to maintain?

Ten-year maintenance and repair costs: $19,600 It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the racy Porsche 911 is the costliest vehicle on the road to maintain and repair over a 10-year period, according to data provided by YourMechanic.com.

What type of oil does a Porsche Cayenne take?

Mobil 1Every Porsche is filled with Mobil 1 before it leaves the Porsche factory and Porsche explicitly recommends Mobil 1 engine oils due to their efficiency and superior engine protection.