Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Lack?

What does it mean to lack nothing?

: to have everything one needs Their children lack/want for nothing..

What does it mean to catch someone slipping?

it’s slang for catching someone cheating on their partner.

What does lack of time mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to be deficient or missing time is lacking for a full explanation. 2 : to be short or have need of something he will not lack for advisers The area does not lack for good restaurants.

What is another word for a lack of food?

synonym study for hungry Hungry, famished, starved describe a condition resulting from a lack of food. Hungry is a general word, expressing various degrees of eagerness or craving for food: hungry between meals; desperately hungry after a long fast; hungry as a bear.

What is the means of lack?

Lack, want, need, require as verbs all stress the absence of something desirable, important, or necessary. Lack means to be without or to have less than a desirable quantity of something: to lack courage, sufficient money, enough members to make a quorum.

How do you use lack in a sentence?

Lack sentence examplesThe lack of security is unsettling. … All I lack is a playmate to call my own. … At least he couldn’t blame her for any lack of attention this time. … Besides, her lack of response in the past had been far more effective. … His voice was raspy from his own lack of sleep.More items…

How do you use lack of?

When using lack as a verb, it’s followed directly by an object. When using lack as a noun, we say lack of + the object. This food lacks salt. The lack of salt makes this food inedible.

Is it lacking or lacking?

lack — (noun) deficiency or absence of something needed, desirable, or customary: lack of money; lack of skill. lacking — (adjective) wanting; deficient: He was found lacking in stamina. When you say “the lacking of trees” you are meaning “the trees’ lacking” which means that the trees themselves are lacking something.

What does lack of resources mean?

1 an insufficiency, shortage, or absence of something required or desired. 2 something that is required but is absent or in short supply.

What does lacking mean in slang?

The slang terms “Lack” & “Lacking”(also spelled Lacking” are verbs which are mostly used to reference walking without a gun or being unprotected.

What is it called when you don’t have enough of something?

insufficiency. noun. formal a situation in which there is not enough of something.

What does it mean when someone can’t get enough of you?

I can’t get enough (of something/someone)!: I really love, I want to keep experiencing/seeing (something/someone)! This expression can sometimes be used sarcastically.

What can you never have enough of?

Here are things we never seem to have enough of.Money. (Your reaction) The most obvious of all the things we never seem to have enough of is money! … Time. (Your reaction) … Good Friends. (Your reaction) … Food. (Your reaction) … Clothes. (Your reaction) … Good Advice. (Your reaction) … Self Discipline. (Your reaction)

What does it mean when a person is lacking?

(lakɪŋ ) adjective [v-link ADJ] If something or someone is lacking in a particular quality, they do not have any of it or enough of it.

What does lurking mean?

lying hiddenLurking is lying hidden or moving about secretly, as if to ambush someone. In internet culture, it specifically refers to browsing social media sites or forums without engaging with other users.

What does it mean if you can’t get enough of someone?

When we say that we cannot have enough of a certain person, this may mean that we consider that being with her is an intrinsically valuable activity. … Being with the beloved should also involve the optimal functioning and flourishing of each person.

What is the opposite of lack of?

What is the opposite of lack?abundanceexcessslewsurfeitextrafloodfulsomenessimmoderacyincreasenimiety76 more rows

What is another word for lack of interest?

disinterestedSome common synonyms of disinterested are aloof, detached, incurious, indifferent, and unconcerned. While all these words mean “not showing or feeling interest,” disinterested implies a circumstantial freedom from concern for personal or especially financial advantage that enables one to judge or advise without bias.