How Do I Make OSU More Accurate?

How can I be good at rhythm?

Techniques for Improving Your Rhythm and TimingCounting and Slow Tempo.

When you want to perform specific compositions, you have to remember that they have been written with a specific tempo.

Record and Play Back.

Divide the Beat.

Practice rhythm and timing on different instruments..

Do rhythm games help with music?

Video games and rhythmic ability: This helps develop one’s understanding of rhythm and concepts of time, which are important for mastery of any musical instrument. An added bonus: this also helps develop hand eye coordination.

How do I get better at OSU?

A few other tips:Improving on osu will not happen in a week. … When training try to forget about gaining pp. … When training a certain category, for e.g. ar9 or streams try to spend at least a whole day on it. … Don’t give up, and take breaks to actually play the game for relax and fun. … Don’t compare yourself to others.More items…

Does OSU make your aim better?

As someone who’s played osu quite a bit, it will help, but not as much as playing the actual game. … Just know that the time you spend improving your aim in osu for a particular game will not make you as good as if you spent that equivalent time in the game you want to play.

What is a good unstable rate OSU?

100 or lower on singletapping maps and 140 or lower on streamy ones is okay. I Know lewa has about 70~ unstable rate on a good run.

What is the average OSU player?

average osu player is like 14.

Is WhiteCat the best OSU player?

WhiteCat is really good. WhiteCat was unbanned on 22nd of September 2019 and he reached rank 1 global on 6th of October 2019. Excuse me, that is 15 days to beat the collective effort of 12 years of osu!

Are rhythm games good for you?

There is a study in neuroscience focused on investigating if rhythm games can help to develop specific rhythm skills. Ironically, they don’t help to train any rhythm skill, but they do help with other cognitive functions, like memory or general language skills.